Ram temple should be constructed in Ayodhya: Waseem Rizvi

Uttar Pradesh Shia Waqf Board chairman reiterated here on Thursday that Ram temple should be constructed in Ayodhya and he will do every possible effort for that.

After meeting with Akhada Parishad president Narendra Giri, Mr Rizvi said that Shia community was suppressed from Mughal period till date. He said that Shia community wants to come close to Hindu community for the betterment of whole Shia community.

He said Shias have great history of rapprochement with Hindu community. He said in the year 680 when Imam Hussain was martyred in Karbala 1400 Brahmin warriors, also known as Hussaini, reached there to save them but till then Yazid had martyred Imam and his whole family.

Also, in 1206 when Kutbuddin Eabak became Sultan of Delhi he started taking Jajiya (religious tax) from Hindu community. At that period many Hindus accepted Islam to save them from Jajiya. Jajiya was ended after Akbar had floated new religion Deen-e-Ilahi but it was started again by Aurangzeb.

Mr Rizvi said that most of Muslim emperors were radical Sunni Muslims and they did atrocities on Hindus. While all 14 Shia realms provided security to Hindu people and constructed temples for them.

Shia leader said that radical Sunni Muslims have always exploited Shia Muslim community even after independence which led to distressed condition of community people across the nation.

He said that Akahada parishad president Mahant Narendra Giri was nominated as patron of Shia Awami league which will start new era of Hindu-Mulim unity in the country.

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