Potential reach of #10YearChallenge is over 6 million

Unlike earlier trends like the Ice Bucket Challenge etc. the origin of the 10YearChallenge isn’t quite clear just yet. However, it’s certainly been fueled by a lot of celebrity inputs. American actress Reese Witherspoon posted a #10YearChallenge photos of herself on Twitter, showing how she has aged.

Did your best friend just post a photo of her/him on social media, showing what they were in 2009 and what they are now? You’re probably wondering why they suddenly want people to know what they looked like 10 years ago.

Perhaps the first social media fad of 2019, the #10YearChallenge is taking the Internet by storm. And it’s not really a challenge. What you have to do is post two photos of yourself side-by-side — showing what you looked like in 2009 and what you look like now.

According to TweetBinder.com (a website that allows you to track tweets on a hashtag for free), the potential reach of #10YearChallenge is over 6 million, meaning it would have been viewed by that many people.



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