PM Modi misusing govt facilities on foreign visits, lowering India’s image by defaming previous govts: Congres

Charging Prime Minister Narendra Modi of lowering the image of the country abroad by berating his predecessors, the Congress on Monday alleged that the PM had misused the government machinery and faculties during his visit to the West Asian countries of UAE and Oman.

Talking to reporters here, AICC senior spokesperson Anand Sharma said government facilities were used when a huge function was organised in Oman’s capital Muscat during the Prime Minister’s visit to the country.

In this context, he showed to the media a letter in which Ambassador of India in Muscat Indra Mani Pandey has written to companies asking them to spare employees and workers of countries for their participation in a mega event.

‘The workers should be 80 per cent blue-collar ones, ‘Mr Sharma quoted the Ambassador as saying in the letter.  He said that group transport was also asked to be arranged.

Charging Prime Minister Narendra Modi of lowering the image of the country abroad by berating his predecessors, Mr Sharma said, ‘the Prime Minister true to his characteristic style continues to insult history and India’s achievements since independence. He prefers to live in his make-belief world and in the past. He is using the same phrases, the same allegations, which he did more than four years ago when he started his campaign to capture power and to become Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister has praised the functioning of his government, but he has insulted the country by criticizing the former governments. India was already recognized as a major power, as a nuclear power, as a space power, as a global leader in IT enabled services before the world had heard the name of Mr Narendra Modi. Therefore, he should not berate his predecessors, previous Governments nor insult the great achievements of the Indian nation and the Indian people before he became the Prime Minister of the Indian Republic. His thinking, his mind-set is authoritarian. This is undemocratic and it bodes ill for the country.’

Describing the defaming of the previous governments as an attempt to hide the failures of the NDA goverrnment, Mr Sharma said,’ In 2013 and 2014, people of India heard enough of that and a substantial section was misled into believing him that what he was saying was truth and he is going to bring about the golden age of this country, the revolutionary transformation, when it comes to economy, job creation and also India’s recognition as a major power of the world. However, he has singularly failed when it comes to delivering on his promises, which he never believed himself in but people did. He stands exposed because of his betrayal of promises, non-deliverance among the people of the country and that is why now he is busy sending a message to the Indian electorate by organizing Government sponsored, Government supported events of the Indian community and giving an impression that the Prime Minister is so popular that all the Indians living in outside are eager and they line up to cheer him. ‘


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