PM Modi comparing himself with Mahatma Gandhi unfortunate: Congress

The Congress on Sunday termed ‘unfortunate’ Prime Minister Narendra Modi comparing himself with Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi with regard to taking along industrialists on foreign visits.

Talking to reporters here, AICC spokesperson Manish Tewari, referring to the PM ‘s comments during his visit to Uttar Pradesh, said, ‘It is unfortunate that the PM compared himself to Mahatma Gandhi. No politician should compare himself to Mahatma Gandhi . The PM said that even Mahatma Gandhi carried with industrialists with him. The question is what kind of industrialists.

Those who accompanied Mahatma Gandhi were those who , in the teeth of Imperial rule, were ready to sacrifice all they had for freedom of the country. They stood with Mahatma Gandhi and the Congress as for them the larger goal was freedom of India.They were not industrists who ran away with crores of public money. One needs to draw a distinction on what kind of industrialists one is going to patronize.’

On the PM saying that he is not scared of being photographed with industrialists and capitalists, Mr Tewari said,’ If the PM feels it’s fine to be photographed with industrialists who have ripped off banking system and

went off to London or Antigua, I leave it to the wisdom of the PM if he thinks it is appropriate to be photographed with such people.’

He said the Congress was not against capitalists but against Crony capitalism .

‘The congress is not against capitalists . We feel that private players have a definite place in the country’s economy.

We are against Crony capitalism. What we are against is when government works for benefit of few at cost of masses,’ he said.

Noting that this was the seventh visit by the PM to Uttar Pradesh this month, he said it reflected the nervousness of the PM and the BJP ahead of the 2019 polls.

‘This is the seventh visit by the PM to UP in a month. PM is visiting Uttar Pradesh for the seventh time just six to nine months ahead of the general elections is perhaps the most potent barometer of nervousness of the BJP and the PM,’ he said, adding that such a thing clearly reflects the kind of administration in the state and how people were not happy with this.

He further said that the Congress is never in favour of the ‘crony capitalism’, alleging that the present BJP government is practicing the same wherein the the things are happening for the benefit of a few, further questioning the government asking them to come up with any facts or figures that can establish the development and progress of the economy claims made by them.

He said that despite several promises made by the PM and other talks about ‘Vikas’ (development), the economy is not in a good shape and farmers are forced to sell there land, employment opportunities do not seem to be available as promised by the Prime minister during 2014 elections, adding that the BJP should apologize to people of the country for all the false hopes they had given to people in 2014 polls.

Pointing out at one of the examples of infrastructure failure, Mr Tewari said that rather than visiting different places, the PM should review such places specially in the BJP coalition ruled states where the infrastructure problems are big and people are directly affected due to the same and cited an incident where fish were seen in Nalanda Medical College hospital Patna’s ICU following heavy rains in the city.

Such infrastructure breakdown is what government should be worried about said the Congress leader.


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