‘Kim must realise Trump would obliterate regime’

North Korea has refused to end their nuclear programme, but have come to the negotiating table to speak with South Korea ahead of the Winter Olympics.

Fears have been raised that the rogue state could be using the Pyeongchang games to buy time to put more time and cash into its nuclear development, a report in the Express on Thursday said.

Speaking exclusively to the express.co.uk, East Asia expert Gordon Chang warned that Kim Jong-un believes the US is “no obstacle”, ramping up World War-3 fears.

He said: “I don’t think that North Korea would ever want to attack the US, mainly because they know that missiles have a return address, in other words, we know where they come from.

“The regime doesn’t want that, but what it is counting on is that the United States does not have political will.  “You have got to remember that although we think the US military is fearsome, the North Koreans don’t look at it that way.

“They say yes, of course, the US has more ships or planes and has a more capable military but they believe that the US political system is incapable. And by the way, the Chinese view us this way as well.”


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