Imran Khan set to emerge as new Prime Minister in Pakistan

Former cricket icon-turned politician Imran Khan is likely to become Pakistan’s next Prime Minister.

His party Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI), leading in 113 seats of 272 contested National Assembly constituencies, from its Twitter handle endorsed the jubilant mood of the workers and wrote that the party is “heading right towards Naya Pakistan”.

“Imran Khan appears to be all set to emerge as the leader with enough resources at his disposal to form a government without ‘unwanted’ allies,” wrote Asha’ar Rehman in newspaper ‘Dawn’.

“He (Khan) must start with a self- assurance that those who are disputing the results now do not have

the stamina or the critical backing that had enabled him to sustain a protest campaign — which had its origins in PTI’s grievances against poll rigging — for five long years.

But as the chief executive of the country he will have to do better than blaming it all on an international conspiracy,” wrote Rehman.

There is also lot of talk internationally about the implication of Mr Khan taking over the reins in Pakistan and its relation with India.

There is also an apprehension that Mr Khan’s rise to the top post may deepen sectarian divide in the country and provoke violence.

India’s former envoy to Pakistan TCA Raghavan told UNI in Delhi that: “….it will suit India to have a

stable government in Pakistan”.

“Frankly we have had problems with all kinds of leaders in Pakistan…not with one particular individual or kind of leader or a party. What is in our interest is that there should be more stability in Pakistan,” he said.

Commenting on the electoral and political fortunes of PML (N) run by Sharif family, the ‘Dawn’ report

said: “The overall impression was that of a party which was faced with its toughest hour and which was on the verge of collapse”.

It also said according to early results, the PML-N was “badly curtailed” in Islamabad and Rawalpindi regions and was also lagging behind in Faisalabad and Multan.


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