After no confidence motion, BJP MPs take two steps back as they fear I might hug them: Rahul

Under attack from Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the BJP for his ‘hug’ to the PM during the No confidence motion in the Lok Sabha on Friday, Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday said whenever he comes across BJP MPs, they take two steps back as they fear he might hug them.

“It is very interesting because now whenever I come across BJP MPs they sort of take two steps back. It could be because they might be thinking ‘he might hug us’,” Rahul said at the launch of Karan Thapar’s book, ‘Devil’s Advocate: The Untold Story’.

Speaking at the event, Rahul said he may have difference of opinion with people in the BJP but he can still ‘hug’ as he does not hate them.

”Hate is a choice. It is an active choice that you make. I might disagree with Mr Advani and I might have a completely different conception of the country than Mr Advani does…but I don’t hate him. I can actually hug him and fight him,” Rahul said.

Noting that there was an atmosphere of anger and despondency in the country, Rahul said, ”the culture of India does not teach us to live in the grip of hate. ‘If there is one thing that our religion teaches us is that you absolutely cannot get imprisoned by hatred, and that is my endeavor.”

Noting that the design of Indian politics is confrontational where the ‘winner takes it all’, Rahul said, ”but this is not how I am designed inside and I am sure, this is not how many of you are designed inside.”

It is notable that the PM and the BJP had criticised Rahul ‘s hug to the PM during the no confidence motion in the Lok Sabha on Friday saying that he had ‘lowered’ the dignity of the house.

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